Alberto Ferro
"He is extremely sensitive and open to every aspect of music, together with a very solid technical preparation. With his inborn musicality he should be quite capable to make his life a very excellent and important musical life."
Jörg Demus
"His style represents the Italian school of piano that we have come to admire at its best in the playing of such artists as Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli. The sense of line and form reminiscent of the roman and ancient Greek, the perfection as his esthetic and his philosophy make his playing memorable, finished and thorough. I appreciate very much this type of an artist; to me personally it is the most valuable and treasured art. It enables Ferro to carry out his intentions with utmost control and without artistic losses. His playing is never dull. It is full of passion, but it is the passion of a noble spirit."
Boris Bloch

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